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drawing of dachshund in a hat with a blimp flying over a city with the caption "The Dachshund behinf the burger"

The Story of Ernst Von Bräuburgers and The Von Bräuburgers Family

Ernst Von Bräuburgers (b. 1743) -- Descendant of the notable Von Bräuburgers brewing family of Heidelberg, Germany. The Von Bräuburgers are a special family of talking and learned Dachshunds who do not grow old. Ernst Von Bräuburgers was born the runt of the litter to Heidi and Gottlieb Von Bräuburgers at the family’s secret brewery deep beneath Heidelberger Schloss. Upon completing his studies at the University of Heidelberg, Ernst left his homeland to embark on a journey to Virginia bringing with him the family’s culinary creation, the hamburger, and also the expansion of the Von Bräuburgers family name to the Western Hemisphere. Traveling through the Shenandoah Valley and South of the James River, Ernst settled in what is now known today as Forest, Virginia leaving his mark (a paw print, really) on local culture and history. After a rather lengthy retirement, Ernst Von Bräuburgers and his family have resumed their 356-year-old family business in crafting better burgers and better beer for the whole world to enjoy.     

Von Bräuburgers Family Timeline of Events

1659 - Johannes Von Bräuburgers – a wealthy Dachshund merchant of considerable reputation - starts his brewery beneath the formidable and legendary Heidelberger Schloss in Heidelberg, Germany. The residents of Heidelberg are mystified by Johannes and his family of talking and learned Dachshunds who do not grow old.

1688 - Johannes Von Bräuburgers II assumes control of the successful brewing company. 

1701 - Johannes Von Bräuburgers II launches the Von Bräuburgers shipping fleet -- four ships fitted for a Dachshund crew with routes to England and along the Rhine River.  

1736 - Gottlieb Von Bräuburgers assumes control of Von Bräuburgers Brewing Company’s operation which spans across continental Europe.

1743 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers is born.

1781 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers settles in present-day Forest, Virginia not far from Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. Ernst becomes a close friend of Jefferson spending evenings together dining on delicious burgers, beer, and engaging conversation. Enthralled by this sophisticated little talking Dachshund, Jefferson in later life builds his retreat villa at Poplar Forest to spend more time with his dearest friend.

1852 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers inherits control of the Von Bräuburgers Brewing Company and bases its primary brewery operation in Richmond, VA. 

1861 - Saddened by the divisions in the United States, Ernst Von Bräuburgers leaves for Heidelberg, Germany before the onset of the American Civil War. 

1865 - Von Bräuburgers Brewing Company’s Richmond operation is destroyed during the Evacuation Fire of 1865 and the fall of Richmond. Worldwide operations are again based in Heidelberg, Germany.  

1874 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers collaborates with Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin on the creation of a rigged airship. 

1908 - Von Bräuburgers Brewing Company begins worldwide distribution via Zeppelin airship. 

1912 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers and family return to Virginia and retire quietly in Blacksburg. Rumors about a clan of Dachshunds who do not age becomes local folklore.  

1925 - Von Bräuburgers Brewing Company becomes the largest employer of Dachshunds in the world.  

1939-2009 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers and family cease all global operations at the onset of World War II dedicating company assets and resources to the Allied war effort. Larger brewers and new burger corporations fill the marketplace in the decades to follow. 

2010 - Mysterious nightly sightings of large, silent airships around the Blacksburg area begin to circulate. Dachshund air crews are caught on camera at Virginia Tech-Montgomery Executive Airport. 

2013 - Rumors continue in Southwestern Virginia about mysterious Zeppelin sightings. Dachshund-sized aircrew jump suits are found at Blacksburg-Roanoke Regional Airport by nightshift security. 

2014 - Ernst Von Bräuburgers and family announce their return and intention to rebuild their 356-year-old company. The first location - set in Forest, Virginia - was situated over the original site of Ernst Von Bräuburgers’ 1781 cabin.